Cant read, right? Here-


Now it should be readable. -.- I clearly asked them not to take that screenshot. Clearly. My friend Nathan and I were having a simple chat, and Squishward has to come in and ruin it. Cloud 8 was one of the only nice people, and one of the only resonable as well. :/ This screenshot ended up on dA, but I got the staff to remove it for me~ I now worship the "Report" button. I dont want to be made fun of for something I actually do, not just something to write online. I do hiss, and growl. Ive threatened to bite and/or scratch as well. But I save the snarling for large fights, like this one. .-. If you have a problem with my hissing, growling, biting or scratching, deal with it. None of my friends care, except for Zack when I hiss at him xD It confuses him and he gets all "Whaa-?"

I even got a "YOUR ICON WHAT IS THAT?"

I have a screenshot of the email I recieved about that "Icon" issue, which will have to be uploaded later, as it isnt co-operating. -.- I never got to tell him "The icon is a drawing of my OC Katana" but he probably would have made fun of it.


There. Now, its unreadable. Of course. *face desk*  It says "AHAHHAHAHAHAHAH YOUR ICON WHAT IS THAT."